Press Release #1

The Law Office of Mark Humphreys announces the settlement of another case dealing with a “Credit Life & Disability” insurance policy.
This case involved a client who’s husband had purchased the policy as part of the deal when buying an expensive new truck. The client’s husband had numerous health issues that were not disclosed during the application process. About a year later the client’s husband died and the insurance company did a background check of the husbands medical history and discovered the numerous health issues. The insurance company denied the claim and a lawsuit resulted.
This case ultimately went to trial and a verdict was rendered in favor of Mark’s client, the wife of the deceased. Of significance to the trier of facts in this case was that the husband had died as the result of a broken neck when he fell off a trailer he was tying down for a trip. In other words, he death had nothing to do with the health conditions the insurance company alleged were misrepresented in the insurance application.

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