Compaints Against Insurance Companies In Texas

What can someone in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Bedford, Hurst, Euless, De Soto, Duncanville, Fort Worth, or anywhere else in Texas do when they are being “jerked around” by an insurance company? Answer number one – Find an experienced Insurance Law Attorney to consult with. Answer number two – file a complaint.
Seeking the aid of an experienced Insurance Law Attorney is sometimes hard to do. There are a lot of attorneys that help victims of accidents. These attorneys are usually referred to as Personal Injury Attorneys. These types of claims are called third party claims. The other type of claim is called a first party claim. This is a claim against your own insurance company. There are not that many attorneys that have experience in handling these types of claims. These attorneys are usually referred to as Insurance Law Attorneys.
The majority of the time an attorney is going to be able to get you the money you are entitled to plus more depending on how wrong the conduct of the insurance company has been in handling the claim. Consultations are usually free and there is nothing to lose by having an attorney look at your situation.
As to “answer number two”, filing a complaint, the Texas Department of Insurance has a website that a consumer can go to for filing a complaint. After studying the complaint, the consumer protection division sends the insurance company a copy and asks for a detailed written response to the complaint. The Texas Department of Insurance is understaffed for properly supervising insurance companies but one way for an insurance company to get their attention is to not respond to the complaint. As a result a response is almost gauranteed. The problem is that once the response is received, very little else is done. As you could assume, the insurance company response is going to be self serving.
What next happens is the Texas Department of Insurance staff determines if the claim or any other issue was handled properly under the policy. Again, the response from the insurance company is self serving and there is little ever done.
The Texas Department of Insurance staff also reviews the file to assess whether laws were violated. Most these laws are found in the Texas Insurance Code. If violations are found, the department institutes an enforcement action that can result in sanctions ranging from a fine and restitution to revocation of the insurance company’s state license.
As previously stated, usually nothing is done as long as the insurance company files a response. Failing to file a response results in an investigator going to the insurance company. Based on the response received, the normal outcome is that the department communicates with the person complaining saying that there seems to be an honest dispute between the person and the insurance company and that the person complaining should seek an attorney. Thus, we are back to answer number one.
It should be remembered that filing complaints is still important. If legal action by an attorney is commenced against an insurance company it sure helps the case for the attorney to be able to get his hands on copies of the complaints filed against the insurance company.

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