Deceptive Trade Practices And Automobile Loan Modifications

No matter where you live, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, De Soto, Hurst, Duncanville, Weatherford, Aledo, Azle, or anywhere else in Texas, you like most anybody else, are always looking for ways to save a few dollars and hopefully make life a little easier to manage.
The Palm Beach Post ran an article on June 22, 2010, that showed how one business was taking unfair advantage of this desire to save a little money that most of us have. This article was written by Susan Salisbury. The title of the article is, “Lawsuit says Fort Lauderdale auto group engaged in deceptive practices.”
She reported that, Auto Relief Group, a Fort Lauderdale based firm owned by a John J. Boyle, from Fort Lauderdale and his son John J. Boyle, from Boca Raton, are being sued for allegedly engaging in deceptive and unfair practices related to automobile loan modifications. These accusations are from the Florida Attorney General’s Office.
In a civil complaint filed by the Florida Attorney General’s Office, it is alleged that Auto Relief Group, its subsidiaries and owners falsely represented in national television and radio advertisements that they could reduce consumers’ car payments by up to 50 percent. The Attorney General’s Office was granted an injunction in Broward County Circuit Court to freeze the company’s assets and appoint a receiver to take possession and control of the company.
Representatives of Auto Relief Group allegedly told undercover investigators that they qualified for loan modifications that would reduce their monthly auto loan payment up to 50 percent for up front payments ranging from $299 to $375.
It is reported that the Attorney General’s Office is working to locate victims. The investigation indicates the company may have collected several hundred thousand dollars in up front fees from consumers each month.
The on-line posting of this article by The Palm Beach Post had many posts following the article, of victims who had been taken in by this scheme. The only comfort is knowing there are agencies who pursue these illegal activities. In Texas, the Texas Attorney General has essentially the same rules and laws under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, to pursue these wrongdoers. In addition to shutting these businesses down there are rules for pursuing the owners of these businesses in civil court and in the right situation to criminally prosecute the wrongdoers.

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