Drywall Cases Probably Do Not Affect Dallas Or Fort Worth Texas

The Chinese drywall cases that have been in the news the last year or so, are primarily affecting home owners along the Gulf Coast. If you live in Texas you are not likely to be affected by the claims resulting from these defective drywalls. Especially if you live in the crowded Dallas and Fort Worth areas. However if you live in areas such as Louisiana and Mississippi, these cases are attracting a lot of attention.
The Times-Picayune recently ran a story that addressed the drywall cases that have been causing problems since the hurricanes in recent years. This story informs its readers that New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is the lead plaintiff in a 591-page class action Chinese drywall suit. The company being sued is Knauf Plasterboard Tainjin Co. Ltd., a Chinese company manufacturing company producing the drywall.
The drywall at issue in this case is supposedly causing homes to corrode and making people sick. In the context of homeowners insurance, a lot of insurance companies are refusing coverage for the losses caused by this drywall being installed in the homes.
There has been difficulty in determining just how many people have been affected by the installation of this drywall in their homes. One reason for making Sean Payton the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is to draw attention to the problem so that others affected by this faulty drywall will step forward. As a result of people coming forward it will be easier to not only determine the number of people affected, but to also be able to determine more of what all the problems are that this drywall causes.
The effects of this drywall, not only causes people to feel ill, but is linked to causing problems in televisions, computers, and electrical equipment failures.

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