General Information About Insurance In Texas

All of the states in the United States have some State agency or board that oversees and regulates insurance activity in that State. In Texas, that agency is the Texas Department of Insurance.

Whenever a person has problems or concerns about the way they are being treated or the behavior of an insurance company or an insurance agent the best advice for that person is to talk with an Insurance Law Attorney. The web site for the Texas Department of Insurance is a good resource and a place to visit in order to learn a little bit of general information. Just keep in mind that visiting the web site is not a replacement for good legal advice.

The web site information is available in Spanish. So, if you have a Spanish speaking friend or relative who wants to seek information on their own they can still go to the Texas Department of Insurance web site. But then, speak with an Insurance Law Attorney who has personel who speak Spanish.

The site has information on insurance company agents and adjusters. It is surprising how often one can find agents who are not licensed. The web site has information about which of the licenses that the agent or adjuster carries. If you find that you have been dealing with an agent (most common) or an adjuster who is not licensed you should contact an Insurance Law Attorney immediately.

This site also has information pertaining to licensing requirements. There is general media information and information interesting to researchers. There are bulletions posted and information on the various codes and rules.

One important source on the site is a section for filing a complaint on-line against a company or agent. This source is good and most all complaints are followed up. The good thing is getting your complaint on record. The bad thing is, there is usually very little done. The number of investigators versus the number of companies is not good. Paperwork is almost always generated to the subject of the complaint and there is almost always a response to the complaint, a copy of which is forwarded to the person who complained. But very little beyond that. Again, this is where an experienced Insurance Law Attorney comes into play.

Another important resource at the web site is the Texas Insurance Code and the Texas Administrative Code. Both these resources are invaluable for Insurance Law Attorneys. A person reading them will gain some perspective but would be making a mistake relying on anything said in these resources without also having the legal training to understand how the laws in these books work in everyday life.

There is lots of other general information on companies, policies, pricing, rates, histories, etc. If you have the time or inclination there is a lot to be learned by visiting the Texas Department of Insurance web site. Just keep in mind that the informatio is general in nature for the most part and that follow up with professionals in insurance should be the next step.

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