Hail Storms In Texas 2014

Dallas attorneys who handle hail storm claims need to know where the hail events are happening. The reasons are many. Usually when an insurance company denies a hail claim, a major reason cited is that the damage is pre-exixting. This is a reason for knowing when the storms have occurred and the gathering of records showing the exact locations of the hail and the size of the hail.
The Insurance Council of Texas is a good source for keeping up with where hail events are occurring. A May and June report are cited here.
The first one is titled, Denton Storm Number Rises. Here is what it tells us.
The April 3 hailstorm in Denton and nearby cities resulted in a steady stream of hail-damaged automobiles pouring into north Texas auto body repair shops. The number of homes that received hail damage increased prompting the Insurance Council of Texas to revise and increase its insured loss estimates from $300 million to $500 million.
Darrell Jenkins, owner of Gene’s Paint and Body Shop in Denton, said he has cars lined up for repair through February of 2015. “This week was the first time we have seen the number of cars coming in for repair finally slow down,” said Jenkins. “We have seen a number of cars totaled and we seen cars whose back windows had tennis ball and baseball size holes. We’ve seen everything.”
Thunderstorms packing up to softball size hail rumbled through the city of Denton twice on April 3, damaging automobiles, homes and businesses in its path. The storms moved eastward producing at least four confirmed tornadoes, wind gusts up to 82 mph and large hail.
When it was all said and done, the storm damaged at least 35,000 automobiles and approximately 22,000 homes. To ensure quality work the Texas Insurance Council encouraged both automobile owners and homeowners to utilize reputable local businesses in making their repairs.”

The second one is titled, Injuries and Damage in Abilene Hailstorm. Here is what it says.
A children’s parade and art walk came to abrupt halt last night in Abilene when a large hailstorm struck the city. The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said up to a dozen people were treated for injuries. Substantial damage was reported in downtown Abilene and on the city’s east side.
Insurance agents said claims poured in from policyholders whose cars, trucks, homes and businesses were pounded by hail reported as large as grapefruit. Forty-eight Abilene patrol cars were heavily damaged.
“Several offices in downtown Abilene had windows broken,” said Karla Martin with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. “Downtown looks like fall because all of the trees have been stripped of their leaves and many limbs down in the street.”
The Insurance Council of Texas advised residents of Abilene to report their claims as quickly as possible and work with insurance adjusters before making any major repairs with local building contractors.

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