Health Insurance Lawsuit – Big One

It does not matter whether you live in little ole Weatherford, Texas, or some of the bigger communities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, or Grand Prairie. Health insurance is a concern of everybody.
A recent lawsuit in Colorado illustrates the anger that can be taken out against an insurance company that does one of its insureds wrong. The article is in the Denver Post. The title of the article is “Canceled Insurance Leads To $37 Million Verdict For Woman.”
A jury in the city and county of Boulder returned a verdict of $37 million to a woman whose health insurance policy was canceled after she was seriously injured in a car accident.
The reason the insurance company cited for termination of the insurance coverage was that the woman failed to disclose previous medical treatment on her health insurance application. It turns out she had previously visited an emergency room for shortness of breath and she had received treatment for uterine prolapse.
As a result of the car accident, the insurance company refused to cover about $185,000 in medical bills and canceled the policy.
The insurance company who issued the policy was Time Insurance Company, which also does business as Assurant Health.
In the lawsuit, a claim was made for $7 to $8 million based on the evidence. The jury returned with one of the largest verdicts in Colorado history.
An appeal is certain to follow.

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