How Do I Know What My Rights Are In Texas With My Insurance Policy?

For the most part insurance companies are regulated by State Law. Federal Laws in the insurance industry exist but I’m not going to talk about that here. You just need to know right now that if you are in Texas, that any insurance policy you have is probably controlled by Texas Insurance Laws. This is true most the time even if you actually purchased the insurance out of state or from an insurance company that is not based in Texas.

Whether you purchased an insurance policy in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Weatherford, or where ever in Texas the politicians in Austin and the Texas Insurance Commission regulate the policy. As long as you are now living in Texas, the laws and regulations of Texas are going to apply with few exceptions.

Prior to 2003, the rates paid and the policy forms used for writing insurance coverage were uniform through out the State and anybody who dealt with insurance policies on a frequent basis such as agents and attorneys knew what the policies said and how they should be applied. In 2003 the insurance companies prevailed with rate deregulation and also obtained the ability to deregulate policy forms. The insurance companies ran with this new found freedom, and as a result, there are many policy forms in the market today, which makes it difficult for consumers to compare different products. One attempt to compare different insurance products can be found at
The above site may help you in shopping and comparing insurance policies but only an experienced Insurance Law Attorney is going to be able to assist you in the proper interpretation of the policy if and when the occasion arises that you are making a claim for benefits through the policy and the claim for benefits is being denied. Feel comfortable in contacting us when you need help.

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