How Do I Know When My Texas Insurance Company Is Not Doing Its Job

It is easy to say “you know when you know”. Most people will sense something isn’t right. Often times the insurance company sends you a letter saying your claim for benefits is being denied and state as a reason, something you absolutely know is wrong.

Let’s look at what the Texas Insurance Code says. Section 542.055 is titled “Receipt of Notice of Claim”. This section gives guidance to the first actions an insurance company is suppose to take when a claim is filed. It says that not later than the 15th day after the date they receive notice of a claim that they shall, (1) acknowledge receipt of the claim, (2) begin their investigation of the claim, and (3) request from the person making the claim all statements, and forms that the insurance company believes it will need to evaluate the claim. It then says that the insurance company may make additional requests for information if during the investigation of the claim the additional requests are necessary. Also, they are suppose to acknowledge the claim in writing or make a written record of how the acknowledgement was made.

Section 542.056 is titled “Notice of Acceptance or Rejection of Claim”. This section is a little complicated and varies depending on the type of claim made, but does have deadlines for when the insurance company is suppose to make their determination. Also it is in these actions required of the insurance that they are most likely to be making mistakes. If the claim is one they should be paying, a letter from an Insurance Law Attorney at this point usually gets them acting properly in a hurry. If they are not sure whether they should be paying the claim or not, the requirements of this section and a letter from an Insurance Law Attorney makes the insurance company take a stand or be in further violations of these sections or others in the Insurance Code. The Insurance Law Attorney wants the insurance company to make that stand rather than continuing to string out the matter.

The above two paragraphs are just starting points for finding out if your Texas insurance company is doing its job. The law in Texas on this matter is the same whether you are in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Weatherford, or in any other city in the State. Also, it is the same for Dallas County, Tarrant, Parker, etc.

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