Insurance Debate

This blog does not try to spend time on the health care debate occurring on the National scene. Rather the focus here is to make people aware of their rights as they relate to their dealings with insurance companies and why they need an experience Insurance Law Attorney when faced with a problem when dealing with an insurance company. The occassional news item is thrown in when it relates to a large number of people, some of whom may be in Texas.

Recent articles on the Chinese drywall, sold by Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin, affecting many residents along the Gulf Coast pointed out that new construction and remodeling done after hurricanes hit the areas on the Gulf Coast have left many homeowners in rough financial situations. This is because many insurance companies refuse to cover the losses resulting from using this drywall.

One recent article points out that the deadline for involvement in a national class action lawsuit against Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin expired on December 2. This lawsuit involves about 35,000 Florida homes where about 30 percent of the installations of this drywall are believed to have occurred.

The other article, from the Miami Herald, discusses some health problems resulting from the corrosion of the faulty Chinese drywall. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said there is a link between the imported material and problems with corrosion in homes that have it.

As for the health care debate, a report released by the office of Texas Senator John Cornyn says that health care costs for the average Texan will increase 61% over 5 years. This release cites an Oliver Wyman report.

Another article recently in the news from the Associated Press, has a title talking about limiting insurance company executive pay. The article also discusses many other issues in the health care debate that would be of interest to someone trying to stay informed on the health care debate.

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