Insurance Law Attorneys and Texas Auto Insurance Claims

There are many, many types of insurance that a person can purchase. The types most people first think of are life insurance, home owners insurance, and auto insurance. Beyond these you have health, disability, credit, commercial, flood, etc.

Every State has their own laws regulating insurance plus there are Federal Laws that apply to the States. Further each type of insurance, such as those listed in the prior paragraph have laws that are specific to that type of insurance in addition to the general laws of insurance that may exist at the State and Federal level.

The laws dealing with and regulating auto insurance can be found in some obvious places, such as the Texas Insurance Code and at the Texas Department of Insurance. An attorney in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Weatherford, or anywhere else in Texas may not even know that the Insurance Code exists. As for the Texas Department of Insurance, most attorneys would know there is an agency that deals with insurance that is run by the State but may not know its name.

Even attorneys who dabble a little bit in Insurance Law may not know that another valuable source of knowledge and research for Insurance Law is the Texas Administrative Code. And very few would know that laws applicable to insurance are found in other law books besides the ones already mentioned.

Lets look at Insurance Law dealing with autos as a brief example. Suppose you have an auto totaled in a wreck that is sitting in storage or a car sitting in storage awaiting repairs. Where is the law saying who is financially responsible for the storage? For this you look in, of all places, the Texas Occupation Code, Section 2303.156. What about a rental car? A person was offered insurance at the time of rental but declined it and gets involved in a wreck. Is there a law dealing with this situation? Sure is! Look at this Federal Statute. United State Code, Chapter 49, Section 30106. Another statute dealing with rental car insurance situations is found in the Texas Transportation Code, Section 601.124(c).

In the Texas Insurance Code there is a specific section dealing with auto situations but all through the Insurance Code are different chapters and sections on other Insurance Law that relates to autos. Only an experienced Insurance Law Attorney knows how to navigate the laws and find answers to situations a person may face.

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