More News On Katrina And Homeowners Insurance Claims

Residents of Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie, and surrounding areas are fortunate in that they are not having to deal with the difficulties being faced by homeowners in the Gulf Coast areas of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. The damages following hurricanes Ike, Katrina, and others are causing nightmares for homeowners who are trying to get their insurance companies to properly and promptly pay the claims for damages to their homes.
The Sun Herald ran an article on December 21, 2009, that addresses more of the continueing problems these Gulf Coast residents are having with their insurance companies. The title of the article, “State Farm pays up, but argues award was in error”, doesn’t tell the whole story.
State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, recently paid a couple $179,100.31 for Katrina damage, but the check came to late to save the home of Henry and June Kuehn. The now years old claim of the Kuehn’s, was ordered to be paid by a U.S. District Judge, back in August of 2009. This ordered payment was based on an appraisal award reached by an appraiser for each side, State Farm and the Kuehn’s, and an umpire, who said the amount they considered was only for damage above the second-story water line in the house.
It appears the Kuehn’s are going to lose their home due to the passage of time resulting in deterioration in their home.
Litigation is on-going in this case. State Farm is not agreeing that they owe the money that they were ordered to pay. The Kuehn’s are seeking more monies for other damages plus monies for State Farms “bad faith” handling of the claim.
A jury trial is scheduled.

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