Press Release #12

The Law Office of Mark S. Humphreys, P.C. is pleased to announce the settlement of a life insurance denial case. Mark’s client was the daughter of a lady who had applied for a small life insurance policy about a year and a half before the mother’s death. Her death was within the two year look-back period allowed to life insurers in the State of Texas. This “look-back”allows an insurance company to investigate for misrepresentations made in a life insurance policy if the insured’s death occurred within two years of the application date.
The lady had severe mental issues but also she had significant health issues that were not disclosed in the insurance application. The plus for Mark’s client is that the insurance company agent who took the application information would have been aware of the health problems of the insured because the agent was present in the house of the lady and actually would have seen the insured’s oxygen machine and medications, yet these were not disclosed in answers to relevant questions on the application for life insurance. Mark’s argument was that the agent is who made the misrepresentations, not the mother. The agent had financial incentive to make the misrepresentations because the only way the agent received commissions for the sell of the life insurance policy was if the sell was made.

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