Press Release # 13

There are lots of difficult cases insurance lawyers will see, but here is one that is hard to too.

Mark Humphreys, P.C., announces the settlement of a life insurance case wherein the beneficiaries claim for benefits was declined due to the assertion by the insurance company that the insured intentionally lied on his application for life insurance.
The insured, at the time of applying for life insurance, had been diagnosed with diabetes. The diabetes had become so severe that he had a partial leg amputation by the time the life insurance was purchased.
Mark’s office, through deposition testimony, was able to show that the insured had a reputation for honesty among family and friends that was so high that all testified there was no way the deceased would have intentionally lied about his health condition. Also, noteworthy is that the insured was heavily medicated at the time of filling out the application and there was testimony that he could not have known what he was doing. Mark argued that this was a risk the life insurance company took and that a very simple investigation on their part would have confirmed the health condition of the insured.
The beneficiary, the wife of the insured, was very happy with the results in this difficult case.

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