Press Release #7

For attorneys handling life insurance cases here is news:

In early November, the Law Offices of Mark S. Humphreys, settled another life insurance case. The details are confidential as part of the agreement but here is what can be discussed.
The case involved a lady who had purchased coverage on herself years ago but when she moved from one state to another, she changed banks without forwarding the information to the insurance company and thus, the automatic bank drafts ceased and she had a lapse in coverage. She corrected the lapse within three months but as part of renewal of the policy she had to re-affirm her health conditions. In doing so, the insurance company claimed that her health condition had changed for the worse and that this change was not truthfully disclosed in the renewal application. When the lady died eight months later, her daughter, the beneficiary under the policy, made a claim for benefits. The life insurance company began an investigation and discovered the health conditions that had not disclosed in the renewal application and denied the daughter the life insurance benefits.
Mark gave proper notice to the insurance company and eventually sued for recovery of the benefits. After some litigation and depositions, the case settled at a Court ordered mediation. The policy amount was $75,000. According to the client, other offices would not take the case due to the problems in the case and the amount at issue being less than most law offices want to litigate.

The law office of Mark S. Humphreys, P.C. handles life insurance cases more than any other type of claim.  It would be rare to see a situation they have not seen before.  But it does happen and when it does, it presents a new challenge that is welcomed in the world of life insurance claim denials.

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