Protection Under A Homeowners Policy

If you talk to an experienced insurance law attorney, he will be able to tell you about protections afforded under a Texas insurance policy that many people do not realize. While each policy needs to be read carefully, a homeowners and a commercial policy will often defend the homeowner and those living in the household and business owners against many types of lawsuits. The exclusions from coverage will usually be those related to claims arising out of the use of an automobile.
KVUE ran an article recently titled, 22 Families Sue Owners of Luecke Farm for Hidden Pines Fire. The lawsuit is probably protected by a homeowners policy or at least a commercial policy if the farm is a commercial operation. Here is the story.
Twenty-two families who had their homes and/or property damaged by October’s Hidden Pines Fire in Bastrop County have filed a lawsuit against the owner of Luecke Farm.
Jeff Ray, attorney for the farm, previously told KVUE News a long-time employee was cutting briar bushes on a tractor when he noticed a small fire. Ray said he tried to put it out by running over it, then using a fire extinguisher. When that didn’t work, he said the man called 911 and waited for responders.
The Hidden Pines fire destroyed more than 4,500 acres in Bastrop County and burned down more than 60 structures. The Texas Forest Service ruled the cause of the fire accidental by farm equipment.
But the lawsuit claims the owner was negligent. Bastrop County was in a burn ban and the National Weather Service warned there would be an elevated fire risk the day the fire started.
Home owners say they want to more details about what happened and for someone to be held accountable.
“It’s been frustrating dealing with the various rumors concerning the cause of the fire and things like that. You know and it’s especially frustrating the forest service report using the word accidental as if that’s the end of the day,” said Dennis Moninger, who’s home was destroyed in the fire. “Oh it’s an accident, so what. You know it’s like I stepped into a puddle and my feet accidentally got wet but that’s not the case here, you know, it’s you accidentally destroyed the lives of several hundred people. That’s a little bit different. And I think there should be some accountability.”
The homeowners are asking for money to cover their losses. Their attorney says they’re not finished totaling it up, but expect it to be more than $1 million.
KVUE News reached out to the attorney for Luecke Farm for a comment on the lawsuit , but have not received a response as of the time this article was published.

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