Succesful Claim Against Home Builder In Texas

The topic of this piece is a case that arose out of Mansfield, Texas. The case could have just as easily arisen in Arlington, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, Dallas, or out in Weatherford.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published a story about a claim against a home builder for the builders faulty construction work.
Even when a claim is against a home builder for mistakes in the construction of the home, often times the same claim can be made against the insurance company that insures the home. The advantage of claiming against the home owners insurance is to, hopefully, get the matter resolved quickly rather than get involved in an extensive and long drawn-out court battle with the builder. Of course, sometimes it is just the opposite.
The title of the article is, “Jury Awards $58 Million to Mansfield Couple In Home Builder Lawsuit”. The article tells that the lawsuit lasted almost a decade.
The Mansfield couple had purchased their home from their builder, Perry Homes, and also involved in the lawsuit was a home warranty company. They also included in the lawsuit, their insurance company, Warranty Underwriters Insurance Company, a Houston company.
The couple had paid nearly $234,000 and was the only new home the couple had ever had. They had bought it for their retirement after moving from a home in Arlington they had lived in for 25 years, and where they had raised their three children.
After moving into the home in 1996, problems became apparent by the following January. A representative for Perry Homes assured them that the home was just settling and that everything would be ok. However, cracks kept appearing in walls, and doors and windows jammed shut. They also discovered that a drainpipe that was punctured during construction had soaked a kitchen wall, requiring them to move out for several months while mold was removed.
This case was submitted to arbitration in 2001 where Perry Homes lost. They appealed and the case was again arbitrated in 2002, where Perry Homes lost again. Perry Homes then appealed to the Texas Supreme Court where the case was sent back to the trial court and the verdict resulted.
Home claims are in a classification to themselves. Home claims also involve insurance claims and claims against the builder for violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. It is important to get an attorney involved early when having disputes related to homes. This same advice applies to used / older homes the same as to new ones and also to major reconstruction, such as after a fire or flood.

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